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Thursday, November 5, 2009

‘My Top 5 Treat List’

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Just share your Top 5 Treat List!!
ok lets check it out :)

1) let me start about our last vacation to Sabah..tq to my hubby for a wonderful treatment :)

weols stay kt hotel yg sangat2 gempak kt Sabah..to me, kalo really want a fantastic vacation hotelnye haruslah cantek menarik the bommmmm

ok tu salah 1 antara my wish list yg sudah tercapai..to have a wonderful vacation..

2) shopping is a very good treatment..i really hope that one sweet day, i can shop till i drop..maybe someone can give me a lot of shopping voucher..no one??

i nak beli baju kerja banyak2 so that tak payah la melangut depan almari pagi2 tak tau nk pakai ape :p
yeah also shoes..nak wedges banyak2..hahaaa tamak..tamak...

3) i think i need more vacation..this time nak pegi island plak..Sipadan Island maybe..
oh chalet kt atas laut..bestnye kan..tenang sgt..

don't forget candlelight dinner..oh, how romantic...

4) tell me, who doesn't like Coach?? i wish a Coach bag for my becoming birthday..
oh i really adore this one..

ni pn ok kan..

this one also..omg tak tau nk pilih mana..hahahaa
tak kesah la mana 1 pn..as long COACH ye..

ok husband, please take note :p

5) really need laptop for my blogging job..susah la takde personal laptop..asyik pinjam org je tak cool la kan..kata nk jadi blogger tegar..harus ade 1 lappy..
sgt suka Dell Inspiron 13 laptop ni..
me bab2 technology specs ni mmg fail la kan..but the design and colours make me happy to have it..

actually i mmg suka design from Dell dgn warna2 yg pelbagai..oh sgt ceria ok!!!

Where Beauty Meets Brains. itu la yang dapat menerangkan Dell Inspiron 13 ni..
bukan hanya design yang cool..tapi i'm very sure spec nye pn gempak..
sangat suka kaler pink ok..Pink pleaseeeee :)

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MRS. K said...

takde orang mengendap ke bilik mandi hotel atas sekali tu?

cintaKusayangMu said...

k.syana..best nye toilet kt blk tu...best dpt berendam berdua...hehehe

SyaNa said...

mrs K~ hehehe kitorg da check dulu..luar tu tinggi batu dia..mmg 100% selamat..tapi mata mmg melilau dok perati time mandi

qis~ mmg best..hahahaha

CINTAMANISZ Lite said...

smoga tercapai ler impian nak bervakasi ke chalet atas air tu..

~Eila @ Along~ said...

haih..maggie multicolor tu aku ader...hehe mmg best sbb leh isi byk brg..

rasp said...

toilet pic atas skali tu...mlm2 kalo nak gi toilet tu cam suspen je hehehehe